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ProMax Automotive: Nanaimo Car Maintenance

ProMax Automotive is proud to offer a full range of car maintenance services to vehicle owners located in the greater Nanaimo area.


Regular Nanaimo car maintenance is recommended for any vehicle to ensure that no problem goes undetected. Regular car maintenance also helps your vehicle run smoothly and efficiently and, in most cases, saves customers a lot of money. Indeed, a poorly running vehicle, while it may not show any signs of malfunction, tends to guzzle more gas than a fine tuned one.



Regular oil changes help your vehicle run smoothly and consume less gas. Old or dirty oil may also, in time, cause damage to your engine and leave you with costly repairs that could easily have been avoided.




Lube jobs are essential to keep all your vehicle's moving parts lubricated and clean. ProMax Automotive recommends taking your vehicle in for a lube job at least twice a year to make sure that everything keeps moving smoothly.




Regular tune-ups help ensure that your vehicle is running as efficiently as possible, and are a major factor in maintaining its value and longevity. From replacing air filters to cleaning spark plugs, ProMax Automotive offers complete and flawless tune-up services.




Transmission repair is one of the most expensive automobile repair, and can usually be avoided by taking your car in for regular transmission maintenance servicing.




Your vehicle's radiator's job is to make sure that your engine stays at the optimal operating temperature. Poorly maintained radiators too often lead to engine overheating and other damaging car problems.




The State of BC requires that your vehicle pass the state inspection, ensuring your vehicle is not producing high levels of pollutants. ProMax Automotive is certified to conduct inspections and can make your car compliant to the State's requirements.



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